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Urgent Care Beverly Hills

The benefits of having an Urgent Care physician come to you are many, but unfortunately many people don’t know that we still in an era where doctors make house calls. In fact, Urgent Care in Beverly Hills is just a phone call away when you utilize the professional services of House Call Doctor Los Angeles. We firmly believe that if you have some sort of medical emergency you can often recuperate better in the privacy and comfort of your own home or even a hotel or office.

Urgent Care house call physician Dr. Farzam, a board-certified doctor, is just a phone call away for patients in the Greater Los Angeles Area, offering Urgent Care in Venice, Beverly Hills, and all the way to Torrance. House Call Doctor Los Angeles Dr. Farzam is also available on weekends, holidays and any hour of the day or night, and usually Dr. Farzam is able to reach you in less than an hour. Patients often opt for a house call from Dr. Farzam instead of going to the emergency room because he is able to help you with your medical problems in an environment that is both comforting and familiar to you or your loved ones rather than being in the sterile, impersonal environment in the hospital or clinic.

Some may wonder why there would be a need for house calls for Urgent Care in Beverly Hills. The most obvious benefit of House Call Doctor Los Angeles coming to you instead of you going to him or her is that you can stay in your own home, which is not to sneeze at in Los Angeles. The fact that you won’t be subject to traffic delays or facing a condition that would prevent you from driving at all means you can seek help in greater comfort. You don’t even need a friend or relative to be with you to have House Call Doctor assist you in your own home, and we make calls all hours of the day and night.

While many prospective patients think their only option is to go to the emergency room if they are facing a medical emergency, this is not the case. Urgent care house calls offer an alternative to this inconvenience or a long, uncomfortable wait in a packed emergency room. For children, this is especially difficult to endure, particularly if they are in great pain or distress. For seniors, it is also a comfort to be in their own home without the need to leave their home during a stressful time such as a medical emergency, but patients of any age can benefit from House Call Doctor Los Angeles urgent care.

If you’re in pain or medical distress, don’t delay medical care or worry that you need to take the trip to the emergency room and potentially wait for agonizing hours. Urgent Care Beverly Hills covers many medical emergencies, from animal bites to the need for X-rays. Some patients also have Dr. Farzam come for routine reasons, such as diabetes insulin injections, urine drug screen testing, holter monitoring or pacemaker checks.  To reach House Call Doctor Los Angeles, call (310) 849-7991 or email us at [email protected]. We are available 24/7, and you can call any time for Urgent Care in Beverly Hills, Urgent Care in West Hollywood or Urgent Care almost anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles region!